Equine Mega Gain

Equine Mega Gain

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Equine Mega Gain is excellent for support of a healthy weight.  It is a version of Equine Omega Complete that is especially for horses that require specific gains. Equine Mega Gain has some of the best ingredients for the optimum equine diet.  A formula with Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 6 fats for a healthy coat, and Omega 9 fats to complement the overall range of essential fats.  Mega Gain has no problematic hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats which can be detrimental to horse’s health. The product is particularly good for underweight horses, those that struggle to keep weight on or are “hard keepers” and those that need to gain weight to come back to a healthy state.

One of the best things about Equine Mega Gain is that the special combination of Omega 3’s, 6’s and 9’s can help your horse gain weight and yet doesn’t cause a horse to “run hot” the way certain high energy feeds can.  The lack of hydrogenated and processed fats is crucial to avoid the wrong kind of fat gain since we use mechanically expelled organic soy bean oil as a source of healthy fats.  We never use chemical extraction on the oils.

A horse’s body needs essential fats since each cell is enclosed in fat which delivers nutrition to the cell and carries waste out of it.  Many commercial feeds increase the plasticity of the cell membrane.  When this happens, nutrients can’t get into the cell efficiently and wastes cannot be properly eliminated.  Hydrogenated oils can be injurious to equine fitness and well-being.

Horses that are fed “hot” feeds may gain calories but burn them off too quickly and have difficulties with performance and long term weight maintenance.  Using Equine Mega Gain instead can increase athleticism and since your horse can maintain calm there will be better moods, heat phases, production of milk, general reproductive fitness, muscle condition, a supple coat state and more.

One gallon of the supplement (Mega Gain) should be fed up to the point that your equine has gained the amount of weight necessary to be optimum for health, performance and reproduction/foaling if needed.  Once Equine Mega Gain isn’t needed and only maintenance is desired, you can switch your horse to Equine Mega Complete for maintenance of weight and additional joint strength.

1 gallon is a month’s supply for 1 equine.  4 gallons come per case.

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