Canine Omega Complete Cookies 400 gr

Canine Omega Complete Cookies 400 gr

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Canine Omega Complete Dog Cookies are like treats for your dog but they offer benefits like no other treat can.  These delicious goodies include antioxidants, tocotrienols, and phytosterols.  They contain crucial Omega fats and Cranberry Seed Oil for healthy hearts and kidneys. 

The cookies come in 400 gr pouches (Made in Canada) that are can be resealed for freshness.

“My 2 year old German Shepherd is an active dog and really needs treats to re-reinforce his
training. He loves Canine Omega Complete Cookies; they are tasty and crunchy! And I can put them in my pockets when we go for a walk as they aren't sticky or crumbly.”

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