Tips for a Healthy Dog

For a pet lover, your dog is a member of the family and their well being is a priority. Our furry friends grow, change, and age like we do. We want to support, love and share our lives with them for many years. Below are some tips and tricks to keeping man’s best friend happy and healthy for as long as possible.


Proper eating is essential to a long and healthy life. Overindulging affects our furry friends’ health negatively. As our pets age and physical needs change, it is important we make sure they receive proper nutrition. When buying pet food, look at the ingredients. Dogs (being omnivores) are able to digest small amounts of grain. Purchasing dog food containing a “filler” of corn or corn syrup is not a strong choice for your pet’s health. Consult your veterinarian about food options are for your pet and a healthy lifestyle.


Dogs are made up of 80% water and use it to help regulate body temperature, digest, and absorb the nutrients they need from each meal. Having an adequate water bowl for your furry buddy is crucial to keep him or her lively. To prevent dehydration, your pet needs more water if it is a warm day or they are getting a lot of activity. Signs of dehydration include dry mouth, panting, and lethargy. If you notice these symptoms take immediate action. Make sure water is available and call your vet. Dehydration can be life threatening.


Physical activity is a great way to keep your pet physically and mentally fit. Playing actively with your companion alleviates household behavioural issues, assists in digestion, helps reduce agitation at bedtime, and of course keeps your pet healthy overall. The amount of exercise your companion needs is based on age and breed.

Omega Supplements

Omega supplements are a great complement to your dog’s diet. Supplements can reduce inflammation and allergic reactions. They help increase energy, and lower other health risks. Speak with your vet about the best supplement option for your pet.

Here at Southern Equine Distributing, we care about the health of your animals. Please give us a call at (905) 691-5141 for more information on providing your companion the best care possible.

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