Preparing Your Horse for a Show


We love our horses. One clear, direct way of expressing that feeling is through regular grooming.

Regular brushing and physical attention is interpreted by our horses as a sign of affection; it deepens the bond between horse and rider and is a way of thanking our friend for hard work. Groom frequently, not just before a show. Your horse will look its best with habitual cleaning and grooming.

Trim a Few Days before the Show

Clip the hair around the hooves, trim the mane and tail, and tidy up the face and ears of your steed a few days in advance. Then, you can bathe your competitor the day before the show.

Thorough Cleaning

Bathe your horse from head to toe, getting the mane and tail particularly shiny and tangle-free. Once clean and dry, offer your horse a complete brushing/combing, bringing out the natural, healthy glow of clean skin and hair.

Remove any debris under the shoes and scrub the nails clean. Have those hooves sparkling.

Rub oil into the skin around the muzzle and inside the ears for an extra glow of good health.

Crowning Glory

The manes and tails of horses are an important factor in their appearance and warrant special attention. Use high quality mane and tail products to smooth out stray hairs. Brush and comb to pull the natural, moisturizing oils through the shaft of each hair.

Finishing Touches

Before putting away your grooming tools, dab generous amounts of hoof polish onto each hoof and buff to a high shine. Add whitening chalk or another veterinary-approved product similar to white spots, wrap legs, and braid the mane and tail to keep them from tangling during the night.

To support your horse’s health and appearance throughout life, use the best equine products available. Call Southern Equine Distributing; your horse will thank you: (905) 691-5141


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