Healthy Horse Lungs

If your horse is kept indoors for long periods of time, a condition commonly referred to as “heaves” can develop. If you don’t have a lot of land or the capacity to let your equine friend spend quality time outdoors, bad health might be the result, especially when it comes to the lungs and respiratory system. Heaves is similar to human asthma. Nutritional supplements and changes to your horse’s immediate environment can help.

What Are “Heaves?”

Heaves are caused by the obstruction of airways. Horses affected by this condition experience poorer athletic performance and could have a shortened lifespan. Just like any person with asthma, a horse benefits from an improved environment where he can breathe good air, free from allergens and other impediments.

Tips to Keep Your Horse’s Lungs Healthy

● Replace straw bedding with a low-dust alternative. ● Keep your animal outdoors as much as possible, unless s/he’s diagnosed with pasture-associated heaves. ● Soak hay and reduce dust and mould that your horse could inhale. ● Avoid the use of round bales outdoors. Although bales are convenient, horses tend to put their noses into the bales for lengthy periods while eating, causing them to inhale dust and mould spores. Instead, spread the hay on the ground. ● Take a horse with heaves outdoors before sweeping aisles, mucking stalls, or cleaning your barn. ● Use a low-dust alternative like shredded paper for bedding. Other options include specialized cardboard or rubber matting, with a thin layer of absorbent material on top.

Supplementing your horse with EOC can have a huge benefit to your horse’s respiratory issues and keep your horse healthy and happy. EOC is high in Omega 3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA. These two Omegas will work together to take inflammation out of the airways and lungs to help breathing issues, also helping your horse’s lungs to be inflammation-free.

Equine Omega Complete is a supplement highly recommended by vets across Canada and the USA to help with heaves. If you need nutritional advice and want to keep your horse healthy and breathing easily, consult your veterinarian and call Southern Equine Distributing for recommendations: (905) 691-5141. Diet is key to horse health. Using quality feed and supplements will only increase your horse’s hardiness.

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