Omega Supplements for Your Dog

Fatty acids are something both dogs and cats need as a part of a healthy diet. Fat is “energy dense” and helps make food taste good. Bodies need fat to function. Fatty acids found in omega supplements act as signals in cells to decrease inflammation. Here are five benefits associated with this supplement:

Skin and Coat

Omega supplements can help heal dry, flaky skin and help prevent symptoms from seasonal allergies. They can also help reduce dandruff, produce a soft, shiny coat, and reduce shedding.

Immune System

Omega-3 boosts bodily systems that are weak and calms systems that are overactive. It helps reduce the medication required to control autoimmune disorders. Supplements provide support for dogs with heart disease and kidney disease, too.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Fatty acids have anti-inflammatory qualities, reducing arthritis and other conditions affecting the heart and kidneys. They also helps ease inflammation associated with allergies, allowing your pet to play and exercise without stiffness and pain.

Brain and eye development

Taking omega supplements during pregnancy can help with brain and eye development for puppies by promoting growth of neurons.

Reduces cancer effects

Some studies have shown positive results with the use of omega supplements for canines. Many veterinarians recommend them for dogs battling cancer.

Many dog foods are formulated to contain small amounts of omega-3, but it is often not enough. Supplements can be beneficial to the health of your dog. Give your faithful canine friend a long, healthy life; call Southern Equine Distributing for advice at (905) 691-5141.

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