Study Results are In!

University research confirms what Equine Omega Complete customers have known all along!

Southern Equine Distributing is excited to announce that their year-long research partnership with the University of Guelph in Canada has concluded that Equine Omega Complete (EOC) protects cartilage from the destructive effects of inflammation.

The study, funded by Southern Equine Distributing and conducted by Dr. Wendy Pearson and her PhD student Anna Garland and undergraduate student Corina Weirenga, tested the ability of EOC to protect cartilage in the presence of inflammation. The study utilized a laboratory model of arthritis, in which live cartilage pieces are ‘fooled’ with an inflammatory stimulus to behave arthritic in the presence or absence of EOC. Researchers found that the inflammatory stimulus caused breakdown of the cartilage pieces when EOC was not present, but this breakdown was prevented when the cartilage was treated with EOC. 

What does this mean for your horse? These results provide scientific evidence for the protective effect of EOC against the damaging effects of inflammation. You can have confidence in the fact that EOC preserves cartilage health in horses at risk for developing arthritis, including high-level equine athletes with tremendous demands on their joints, overweight horses, horses over the age of 15, or your beloved equine friend who deserves the best joint care you can give.