Equine Testimonials

I have had my horse on your product for about five months and in that time he has grown a lovely healthy coat and helped him gain weight and also has prevented him from injuring himself. Just want to thank you for this wonderful product and the health of my boy!! 

 Grace Kent

Lately I saw that my older gelding was suffering with some real stiffness issues  arthritis and muscle issues he was having tuff time trotting across the field . And he was picking at his feed like he didn’t want to eat. My friend had told me about a product called Equine Omega Complete so I purchased some. WOW I got some of this amazing results,  what a difference. With just one jug he is looking amazing, eating all his feed and trotting through the field chasing his girls around ! What an amazing product EOC is ! Thanks to EOC his senior years will be much easier on him !
~A Happy Customer

Equine Omega Mega Testimonial
“We’ve only been using Equine Omega Complete for a short period of time and are already able to see the benefits in the physical condition of our horses. Not only are they looking good, they are continuing to stay focused and quiet.”

~ Jason Vanlandingham
Jason Vanlandingham Reining Horses

EMO Testimonial
“I am a Independent Sales Representative for Equine Omega Complete, not because I wanted to gain anything financially, but because their products truly WORK! I have every horse in my barn on it, from retired TB’s to broodmares to my young horses. Their coat condition has improved, and my ulcer prone horse is looking and feeling better than ever. I am now feeding LESS feed and have even eliminated rice bran as a weight gain supplement, which I have been using for years. I’m actually saving money by using it! Here are a few photos of Bandelero JSF at the 70 Day Stallion Test. He was on Equine Omega Complete for the entire test!”

~Kimmy Risser
Kimmy Risser Photography

“If you’re looking for a great Supplement that your horses will thrive on, Check out Equine Omega Complete! I have never been a big believer or consumer of Equine Supplements until I decided to give EOC a try. Since then, I’ve seen a huge improvement in every horse I have put on it. I wanted a overall Comprehensive supplement for Full Medal Jacket to help aid him in everything from Joint Support to Weight Management to haircoat. I also wanted a supplement help him during his busy breeding seasons. I have to say I’ve found that supplement in EOC and FMJ will be on it for life!!”

~Robin Baker
Robin Baker Show Horses