Canine Testimonial

Stroker our 15yr old mini Australian Shepherd that I have been posting is still hanging in there. He was diagnosed with diabetes this past December and Hepatocutaneous Syndrome in March which is an uncommon disease in dogs and very rare in cats. The majority of cases are associated with chronic liver disease with a much smaller number being caused by a glucagon secreting pancreatic neoplasm. This disease can destroy their feet causing lesions, cracking very painful feet. The disease is fatal however we were determined to help him. We had him on a strict diet of eggs, bone broth, supplements and even a trial drug that the University of Georgia is experimenting with. Nothing seemed to help actually he was getting worse to the point we were carrying him outside. Then in mid May our friend from Canada reached out and said I’m sending you this Canine Omega Complete oil we developed here in Canada. Absolutely what would it hurt. We started it May 20th, it had not even been a month and his feet are already almost 100% AMAZING!!! He still has some rough hard spots but those are wearing away each day that goes by. First pics taken April 23rd you can see how bad they got then almost an immediate change last couple pics were from yesterday!! We are so amazed by the results with Stroke I had Robin send me 18 bottles.
Jennifer G.

This is my handsome boy Crosby he is an 8yr old Miniature Schnauzer. He has always been a happy and active boy but when he lost his house mate and best friend Sasha suddenly this is past June I noticed he became a much quieter subdued version of himself. He was less animated and his coat got dull he just lost his spark and didn't seem himself. He began constantly licking and chewing  his feet and always seemed nervous and almost anxious at times.  We loved up on him and gave him all the support he needed to come around, he still seemed down and not himself. I was offered a sample of Canine Omega Complete, it worked wonders on some horse I've seen use it.
But oh what a change in his temperament after the first week was brighter and more playful. After the first month, he's back to a happy healthy and energetic self, he will run around now full off energy his eyes are bright and full off life he still licks but way less now and his groomer says his coat has never been softer or more shiny. Thank you Canine Omega for helping bring my Crosby back!

Irene W.


Bear is a 11 year old Great Pyrenees x golden retriever who struggles with food and environmental allergies. In 2012 Bear developed sever allergies and was nearly bald in some places from the itching. After allergy testing, medication and diet changes, we had the itching under control but his coat was never the same. He had flaky skin, a thin coat and a yeasty smell and build up on his skin and needed bi – weekly baths to help control his skin issues. We started Bear on Canine Omega Complete in October of 2017 and we have been blown away by the results! Bear has been on the Canine Omega Complete for 4.5 months and his coat is drastically improved. Its softer and much thicker and after years he has finally re-grown a thick under coat and can enjoy the winter weather again. On the left is a photo of Bear from the fall of 2016. The fur on this chest and under his eyes is thin and patchy and you can see how thin it is on his front legs from him licking. The photo on the right was taken March 6th 2018. His coat is thick, full and healthy looking and he hasn’t had a bath since December. Thank you Canine Omega Complete for making Bear look and feel so good!

Katie B. 



I have used Equine Omega Complete with my horse for some time with great success. So when my 8 month old Labrador Lincoln started to develop dry skin despite no change in his diet and being on excellent food, I thought giving Canine Omega Complete would be worth a shot. It has made all the difference for him. Within 2 weeks his coat was glossy and shiny and was. Wry seldom scratching himself compared to before. Most importantly, he absolutely loved the taste, and would jump for joy at mealtime. I know the benefits to him that I can't see are just as good. What a great product.

 Kristy N.


I don’t normally provide a testimonial for a product but I felt I needed to give “kudos” to Canine Omega Complete. My young German Shepherd pup was showing signs of lameness in his legs, which is common to this breed. After doing a bit of research on some proactive strategies to help prevent further injury we did a trial with Canine Omega Complete. We felt this was the right avenue since we were looking for a premium supplement that could help with our pup that doesn’t have the best appetite. 2 months later our Jaxson has visibly improved by the way he walks and runs to his beautiful thick shiny coat. He also loves to eat his food with Canine Omega in it! I would highly recommend this product, do your research and you will find this supplement originated for horses and has rave reviews with the equine community. Thank you Canine Omega Complete for filling in the need to help our beloved “fur babies”!

Brooke F.




My husband and I have horses, dogs, cats and chickens to care for.  We are loyal supporters of the products supplied by Southern Equine Distributing for all our animals needs, here at the farm.

 The horses enjoy the benefits of Equine Omega Complete.  Our sensitive poodles are using the Canine Omega Complete and our chickens coming running for the Cluckin’ Good Chicken Treats. Everyone is healthy and happy, COMPLETELY.

L. Walsh