Candace Sirianni 

May 2020


Our two year old filly got cast in her stall and colicked on April 30th - she went to the Ontario Veterinary College and ended up staying there for two weeks while they assessed and diagnosed her.  Sadly, likely due to the length of time being cast in a very uncomfortable and unforgiving position, she was diagnosed with very severe grade 3/4 ulcers.  Robin Williamson offered to send a bottle of EOC to Guelph for us to get started on right away, and our filly came home May 14th.  The first photo is of her the day she came home.  The second photo is just two weeks later on EOC!  She is already gaining weight, and getting a shine.  And all this while not being able to have any hay at all in her diet - just hay cubes, grass, and a complete feed.  (Guelph has recommended no hay at this time until we see the results of the follow up scope, as every time she would eat hay previously, she would go back into another colic episode). So the fact that she is blossoming even while on such a restricted diet has sure made me a believer in EOC!  Thank you so much Robin for your help with our filly!!  It means the world to us.

Mia Sabetti 

March 2020


The photos speak for themselves! Tried everything to put weight on a senior citizen and nothing worked. Tried EOC and look at the 12 day difference! EOC definitely helped this senior look and perform at his best. He went from turning his nose up at grain to licking the bottom of the bucket. Thank you EOC & Southern Equine Distributing!!

Keean & Kellie White

Angelstone Farms

October 2019


We at Angelstone Farms have started using the Equine Omega Complete oil on our competition horses this past June. After a few months on the road and very busy with showing, we started seeing notable changes in our horses coats and overall health. As most people know, it can get quite tricky to keep a horses coat looking shiny, dapply and rich looking while constantly washing them, clipping them and asking their bodies constant significant effort between competition, training, shipping etc. This being said, it was at that exact moment that we started seeing changes in them. Horses with typically plain looking coats became dapply, shiny and the overall look of their coats has dramatically improved. I do find it difficult at times to really be able to see or feel a difference with an oral supplement like this one, but am thrilled to see how effective it has become. We are thus far very satisfied with the results we are seeing in our competition horses on a day to day basis and are excited to continue our partnership with a great product like this one.

Grace Kret

March 12, 2019

I have had my horse on EOC for about five months and in that time he has grown a lovely healthy coat and helped him gain weight and also has prevented him from injuring himself. Just want to thank you for this wonderful product and the health of my boy!!

Janet Konyer

February 26, 2019

With a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Immunology, its easy to recognize the health value of Equine Omega Complete.  Every horse (and human) will benefit from a diet rich in Omega 3 polyunsaturated fats.  The improvement to several body systems is measurable and enhancement to overall health undeniable.
As a horse breeder, owner and FEI competitor, adding Equine Omega Complete to my horse’s diet is an integral part of attaining optimal health, function and performance of the equine athlete.   My horse’s coat is glossier, hooves stronger and I have a happy and willing equine partner.   As I prepare for this upcoming season with my partner, Centaur LF, we make Equine Omega Complete part of our daily feed program.  Equine Omega Complete will be an integral part of our competition program as we strive for success at the CDI level in Grand Prix dressage.

Yasemeen Iravani

Feb 26, 2019

I have been using Equine Omega Complete since 2016 and the results have been great! My 10 year old mare, has benefited greatly from this product, improved gut health, joint health, faster recovery and better focus – this product has so many benefits! I am proud to feed an easy, all natural supplement that horses love.

Katie Marshall

Feb 20, 2019

We have been using Equine Omega Complete for 3 years now, and it is the only supplement we use! We started Grace (Pay Me With Pie) on it this spring and saw an immense change in her weight and attitude. She went from slightly underweight and lethargic to a healthy weight and coat with tonnes of focused energy. Grace and Brody ended up as reserve 1D Futurity Champions for the Ontario Barrel Racing Association for 2018, and had a strong showing  at the NBHA Open World’s in Perry, Georgia.

Our other mare, Chicklet (Okies Foxy Chick), has been on EOC for 3 years now. Her coat is glossy and healthy looking and her weight is perfect! Chicklet had multiple 1D Open wins during the 2018 season, as well as 1D placings both in Ontario and in Michigan. Being in her early teens, I trust EOC to keep Chicklet’s joints and digestive system feeling great. This product truly keeps our mares looking and feeling their best, and is a fantastic addition to  anyone’s feeding program whether their interests be competitive or just for pleasure.

Wendy Higgins

Oct 28, 2018

Chance is a 12 yr old buckskin quarter horse that I’ve owned since he was 3. During heavy rains/change of seasons, Chance was often prone to bouts of mud fever that would pop up seemingly overnight.
Over the years, I’ve applied topicals from tack stores (creams; powders; spray ons etc. – including a very expensive cream shipped from the UK) along with numerous homemade concoctions made from zinc based products combined with antifungals. They all had zero effect preventing the problem & after a long period of time, were only mildly effective as a treatment while leaving a “gooey mess” all over his ankles.

Knowing the above & after many recommendations, I put him on a daily regime of EOC added to his feed. Chance has been on Equine Omega Complete for 2 years now and I am delighted to say – without any repeat of those dreaded muddy scabs.
Though I am particularly “religious” when it comes to keeping his legs as clean/dry as possible when exposed to mud, I believe that supplementing with EOC is the primary reason his immune system can fight off this frustrating condition.
A wonderful side effect of using EOC daily – dapples galore!

Lauren Mcarther

August 9, 2018

Batman and Dori had been on Equine Omega Complete for 6 months, then I took them off, don’t really know why. After a short time, 2 weeks of riding, I just about took horses to the vet, they had become dull and lethargic. Dori was not happy to be saddled. Then, where I get my feed, she asked me what I was doing different? That is when it dawned on me that I taken them off EOC! I put them back on. Everything is back to normal. I will continue to feed Equine Omega Complete. They feel better now and no vet bill!

Lesley Elchuck

July 17, 2018

This is my horse Brûlée ( Jessie Got The Gun). He’s is a 6 year old Quarter Horse Paint. I bought him in April and started feeding him Equine Omega Complete. He just SHINES now! There are dapples in his coat brought out by your product. He looks so good people ask me what I feed him! The pictures do not do him justice.

Heather Ross

July 13, 2018

Dreamer is 22 year old Quarter horse that I had as a 2 year old ran him as a futurity horse. I sold him to to Heather, a lady that use to work for me. She had fallen in love with him! Over the last 12 years Dreamer  has been living the life on a 10 Acre farm that they bought. He has been so spoiled but he did have 2 issues: he had chronic mud fever (scratches) and he was a cribber. He also had a very sensitive gut. So about 4 years ago Heather started giving him EOC . The mud fever got less and less and his stomach started to improve and his cribbing stopped! But still he would get little bouts of mud fever. Very little but still there. About 1 year ago Dreamer moved back to our farm, Southern Steele Quarter Horses. We started feeding him his  dosage of EOC and no more mud fever! We figured she was not feeding the right dosage. Now he is mud fever free, no stomach issues, and still NO MORE CRIBBING! How awesome is this! Here are some pics of dreamer. There are close up pics of his Pasterns and how much scarring was done due to the mud fever! All the white hairs that have grown in is where the mud fever had scarred!

Jamie Berry

July 12, 2018

This is a picture of Ratchet, a retired 16 year old jumper who had a hard time keeping weight on and would colic every 8 weeks. He had horrible stomach issues. I started him on Equine Omega Complete because I had tried other products but nothing worked. To my surprise he has put on amazing weight and muscle. He dapples all the time and holds weight all year. His hooves have no more issues and he is happy and healthy.

Thanks EOC, my horse has not had any colic issues since we started him on it, I can’t say enough about this great product!

Sara French

July 10, 2018

Hi my name is Sara and I have a 23 year old Appaloosa gelding. I have owned him for the last 20 years and from the day I bought him he has been a windsucker and chronic colicker. We have tried everything from special diets, supplements, the vets have recommend a number of things. He has had chiropractors and naturopaths, nothing seemed to work for long, and he was ruining fences, gates, stall doors and fence posts with his 24 /7 windsucking. He has also been very thin , dull coat, we have had issues with his feet, too dry, cracking a lot, very poor frogs, constant battle with thrush and abscesses and he was lame more often then not. His colic bouts became so often we had a monthly vet bill and we ending up setting up a baby monitor between the house and barn so I can hear when he would be down n start kicking so I could get to the barn before it was too late. In which I also could hear him all night long windsucking in his stall.

I heard about EOC from a friend, they knew our struggles and had used EOC herself and it had cured a colicky mare. In his last round of colic she contacted me, told me about the product. I will admit at first I figured we couldn’t afford to add another supplement to his long list, but we couldn’t continue the path we have been on for so many long and sleepless nights already. I got a hold of Erin and she told me all about it, sounded way too good to be true, so we gave it a shot.

Now I am going to be honest with him being so sensitive and picky we assumed he wouldn’t eat it, so I was not able to start him off at the recommended first two week schedule. We started him in early February and it took 3 weeks to get him up to half of the daily dose and not only was his appetite improving, he started gaining some weight and he was cribbing less n less. Within two weeks he stopped windsucking completely, I couldn’t believe it, his coat has never looked better, he now doesn’t pick through his grass hay n toss most to the side. My farrier has committed on how his feet have come around , and my vet didn’t believe his over all condition. After all the years we have tweaked his diet, and tried anything we could get our hands on. He is still only taking half the recommended dose and now down to 1/3 the supplements he has been on for years! There have been no signs of colic and he has definitely never been in better condition ! I only regret not finding EOC sooner, it is amazing and anyone with ANY sort picky eater, colicker, cribbing or chewing of any sorts I highly recommend trying it for yourself, you have nothing to loose and will be amazed at the results! To the entire EOC team Diego and I thank you !!

Justin Ridgewell

July 1, 2018

Since starting my horses on the EOC Oils I have definitely noticed a difference in them. For starters they seem to come out more supple and ready to work (even on a Monday) and recover quickly after a workout. Their coats all have great colour and shine. I started one of our young horses on the oil post injury and he seemed to bounce back quickly. His over-all muscle mass and coat has improved greatly over the past few months of being on the product. As of now I have 4 of our horses on the EOC Oil daily and am very happy with the product.

Anthea Baker

May 18, 2018

I started my OTTB on Equine Omega because during this tough winter he was coming out stiff.  I bought him a year ago and started him on many supplements for bad feet, cribbing, calmness and to improve digestion.  The monthly cost was very high and the results were good but not spectacular.  I kept seeing Equine Omega’s customers calling it “liquid gold” and hoped it could actually cut down my supplement cost.  The great news is that it has done everything I hoped and more!  Football is a shiny, happy horse that no longer needs four different supplements each month.   Equine Omega does it all!

I was so impressed with the results on Football that I started my son’s show pony on the oil as well! She lives outside and gets two pumps a few times a week, but the results are showing on her already.  Her dapple gray coat is shining and her good energy has dramatically improved!  I would highly recommend Equine Omega to all horse owners!

This is a picture of Football after a month on Equine Omega.  I didn’t have the heart to take a before picture

Lisa Denyer

Sept 12, 2017

I have been using EOC on my 3 horses for years now and I have completely taken them off of all other supplements!  The results I have seen are nothing short of AMAZING!!!  Incredibly healthy, super shiny coats, great feet even in this nasty dry summer we are having.  I constantly receive compliments on how wonderful my horses look. Let me tell you; they feel even better than they look!!!  THANK YOU EOC!!!!

Natasha House

June 15, 2017

My crazy girl started racing a little late as we had a hard time breaking her and keeping her looking good and eating. We started her on your amazing product EOC and she has turned into a totally different horse. She eats like crazy and is keeping the weight on even with racing tough week in and week out. Always getting compliments on her with how good she looks, the shine and dapples make it even better. She has sure changed since day one and this amazing product is to thank as well for helping her out and giving her all the extras she needs. This picture was from this Monday, winning in another new lifetime mark of 1.59. She keeps getting stronger and faster and looks for her treat EOC everyday when being put away. She loves it! Thanks so much Robin for introducing me to this product

David MacDonald

March 14, 2017

My name is David Mac Donald and a competitor in Endurance Racing, Competitive Trail Riding, Ride n Tie, Set Speed and this year Limited Distance Events.
I compete with a now 15 year old pure bred Egyptian Arabian  gelding with very good success  and a number of top finishes!

However, we had been plagued for some years with severe Mud Fever/Scratches which limited the number of events we could compete in mainly at the beginning of the season.

Kharringtonn (aka Gringo) is now in his third spring with absolutely no mud fever/scratches what so ever and we unequivocally equate this to the EOC (Equine Omega Complete) product that he has been on!

I wanted to give it a couple of seasons to ensure that we could equate the EOC to resolving the issue.

Now I can also comment on his fantastic coat and most of all his improved concentration which has been amazing since on EOC.

Thank you Robin and happy to chat with any potential users or doubters of your product at any time!

Sandy Duffy

November 1, 2016

Careless Cousin is a 2012 dark bay Thoroughbred gelding sired by Where’s the Ring who was not fast enough to be a racehorse. Careless Cousin aka Eddie was adopted by Chloe Duffy from LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society in Toronto Ontario on Dec 31, 2015. The foster farm was wonderful and allowed Eddie the downtime needed after his last race on Oct 2015 in Fort Eire.

Once Eddie was in full-time work, we knew he needed more from his feeding program and that’s when Eddie began receiving Equine Omega Complete in April 2016. In 2 months Eddie was feeling so much better. We noticed a drastic improvement in his temperament, appetite, hoof issues began to appear to be on the mend, weight gain and he had the shiniest coat on the farm. Eddie’s muscle tone was developing beautifully as well, with regular work to prepare for the Thoroughbred Makeover & National Symposium 2016. We feed Equine Omega Compete as an added supplement to Eddies daily feeding of non molasses soaked beet pulp. Thank you Southern Equine Distributing for delivering this excellent product to a local feed store near us. We purchase Equine Omega Complete from Burgess – O’Flynn Tack & Variety in Wallaceburg, Ontario



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