Laura Kerley

May, 2020


Josey had atopic dermatitis, which caused her to have dry scaly itchy skin. Normally I would have taken her to the vet for a steroid shot to ease her symptoms. Thanks to Canine Omega Complete, within two weeks of feeding it to her, the scaly spots were all but gone!! I didn’t have to take her to the vet for a steroid shot, and in a months time, her skin completely cleared up! I am impressed with the results from Canine Omega Complete!! Love this product!!   


January, 2020


I love the omega product for my pup! Boomer is 12 and has been suffering with yeast build up and skin sensitivities for over two years. We have tried shampoos, expensive hypo foods, anti-fungal creams, antibiotics, nothing has resolved the issues and it has changed him and aged him.  After introducing him to the omega product his conditions have improved by far.  He is back to his playful self, much less redness and irritation and his ears are not swollen and sore. The product is super tasty, In fact it’s like a treat for him, he loves it!  I definitely recommend this product it has really changed Boomers senior years.  Thanks for sharing this with me Robin.   

Amanda Brown

October, 2019


I can’t thank you enough Canine Omega Complete!  


I have been giving Canine Omega Complete to my French Bulldog, Audi, for just over 2 months now. We moved to the county and she was having allergic reactions to everything. It was making her lose her hair. She was scratching and going very pink in spots. Now she has grown the hair back and has a nice full coat back.  

I just placed my order for another bottle!  

Janet Bergerman

September, 2019


Our 5 year old Shepherd, Hunter, started Canine Omega Complete a few weeks ago and we have noticed quite a difference.  His coat is smooth and shiny and does not blow out as often.  A big difference as well has been his appetite and digestive process - both improved! 

I would recommend this product for large breeds especially. 

Nancy McCallum

September 2019 

I can’t express how much Canine Omega Complete has helped my Bernese Mountain Dogs.

My name is Nancy McCallum and I breed and show my dogs all over Canada and the USA. Canine Omega Complete has not only made my dogs look and feel great but I feel has prevented their joints from having any growing issues due to the fact that they grow very large in a very short time and are prone to joint issues such as Panosteitis. My dogs have done so well on Canine Omega Complete; even the dogs that don’t have a great appetite eat this product with great enthusiasm, they lick the bowl clean!

Thanks COC for a fantastic product!

Amanda Zajczenko

 March 16, 2018

We have had our two dogs (English Bulldog 9yrs old, and Bullmastiff 7yrs old) on Canine Omega Complete for several months now. It has improved my bulldogs digestive system as he has a sensitive stomach. Both dogs coats are shiny and much softer. My Bullmastiff has always had bad breath, we tried dental chews, water additives and teeth brushing but nothing helped. After using Canine Omega Complete her breath got better after only a couple weeks of using the product. We have also noticed both dogs feel better in general, they are moving energetically on walks and our 9 year old bulldog with joint problems doesn't seem to be sore the next day. It's an amazing product that we will continue to use with all our dogs.  

Sarah Anthon

Feb 28, 2019

I’ve been using COC on my 4 dogs for about a year now.  My dogs are very active in training, competition and showing in conformation so having their coats and health in top shape is a priority for me!  I’ve been training dogs for 20 years, breeding and showing Australian shepherds for 6 years and COC is the best oil I’ve ever used on my dogs!  My older golden no longer gets ear infections, my aussies are energetic, shiny, healthy, and thrive in performance.  My male who competes in dock diving and conformation is in amazing shape!  His coat catches the eyes of the crowd in competition….it’s shines and flows!   I also encourage all of my puppy buyers to continue on with COC after they leave my care.  My puppies  are fed the oil starting around 4 weeks of age.  It’s a great addition to their raw meals!

Katie Vandersanden

March 2018

Bear is a 11 year old Great Pyrenees x golden retriever who struggles with food and environmental allergies. In 2012 Bear developed sever allergies and was nearly bald in some places from the itching. After allergy testing, medication and diet changes, we had the itching under control but his coat was never the same. He had flaky skin, a thin coat and a yeasty smell and build up on his skin and needed bi – weekly baths to help control his skin issues. We started Bear on Canine Omega Complete in October of 2017 and we have been blown away by the results! Bear has been on the Canine Omega Complete for 4.5 months and his coat is drastically improved. Its softer and much thicker and after years he has finally re-grown a thick under coat and can enjoy the winter weather again.  
On the left is a photo of Bear from the fall of 2016. The fur on this chest and under his eyes is thin and patchy and you can see how thin it is on his front legs from him licking. The photo on the right was taken March 6th 2018. His coat is thick, full and healthy looking and he hasn’t had a bath since December. Thank you Canine Omega Complete for making Bear look and feel so good! 

Liana Hickey

March 2018


I did an experiment. I took Bear off of the COC. Kept him on all his other stuff but took him off the COC. Worst mistake EVER!!! His movement decreased, his skin allergies increased, his dermatitis increased with scabby hot spots all over him & his appetite wasn’t great. Put him back on last Friday – within 3-4 days he was showing marked improvement! Today he is walking all over again, hot spots are GONE! His appetite is back and his allergies are much better! Remember, Bear is over 11years old!


Debby Hockin

August 30, 2017


I had adopted a blue doberman and of course he came to me with skin issues.  Bad sebhorrea, and both wet and dry ears.  His skin was flaking, very greasy and his smell was pretty bad.  He was itching so badly, that he was constantly chewing at his sides to try to relieve it.  We tried all the remedies.  The ones the vet had us try, ones from the pet store, ideas from friends who had dogs that had bad skin.  Even remedies off the internet.  Nothing seemed to work.  Robin had an advertisement up about her new product, Canine Omega for the dogs.  I gave it a shot.  After 10 days my husband and I thought we were imagining things .  We didn’t think anything would work, after months and months of different treatments. Our dog had completely stopped scratching, his skin felt dry to the touch and no smell!  After two weeks we saw the hair growing in along his flank and hip where his constant chewing had left raw sores and no hair. By one month the dog was completely healed.  Even his ears had lost that wet greasy feel.  I want to thank Robin and Canine Omega for making life a little easier for my Jake.  I recommend this product to anyone!


Meredith Fogden

February 17, 2017


I have been using Canine Omega Complete on my 2 dogs for the last few months. I knew I would be happy with the changes as my 25 year old horse gets Equine Omega Complete and he’s the happiest and healthiest he’s ever looked.

Tucker is a 12 year old Cockapoo. He’s been feeling his age lately and been lethargic and weak in the back end. Within a week of being on Canine Omega Complete he is back to his old young self. Outrunning his younger brother, full of energy and can jump on and off the bed with no problem. He’s gotten that vibrant look back in his eyes and I know he feels good! Quincy is an 9 year old Lhasa Apso crossed with a Cocker Spaniel. About 2 years ago he tore his ACL and had extensive surgery and many weeks of rehab. Meanwhile it was discovered he has hip dysphasia. Before his injury he would run and play and was an over all happy dog. After his surgery he was have trouble going for long walks and was not as energetic. He had to be lifted in and out of the car because of his weak leg. After being on Canine Omega Complete he is running and jumping as if he has no previous injury. He is excited for his walks and feels great. I am so happy with this product! It has given me back my loving energetic dogs that were feeling their age and injuries.Thank you Robin for introducing me to Canine Omega Complete! All my fur babies love it!!

Kristy Nahirniak

February 14, 2017


I have used Equine Omega Complete with my horse for some time with great success. So when my 8 month old Labrador Lincoln started to develop dry skin despite no change in his diet and being on excellent food, I thought giving Canine Omega Complete would be worth a shot. It has made all the difference for him. Within 2 weeks his coat was glossy and shiny and was. Wry seldom scratching himself compared to before. Most importantly, he absolutely loved the taste, and would jump for joy at mealtime. I know the benefits to him that I can’t see are just as good. What a great product.



Irene Wiles

February 8, 2017

This is my handsome boy Crosby; he is an 8yr old Miniature Schnauzer. He has always been a happy and active boy but when he lost his house mate and best friend Sasha, suddenly this is past June, I noticed he became a much quieter subdued version of himself. He was less animated and his coat got dull he just lost his spark and didn’t seem himself. He began constantly licking and chewing  his feet and always seemed nervous and almost anxious at times.  We loved up on him and gave him all the support he needed to come around, he still seemed down and not himself. I was offered a sample of Canine Omega Complete, it worked wonders on some horse I’ve seen use it. But oh what a change in his temperament after the first week was brighter and more playful. After the first month, he’s back to a happy healthy and energetic self, he will run around now full off energy his eyes are bright and full off life he still licks but way less now and his groomer says his coat has never been softer or more shiny.

Thank you Canine Omega for helping bring my Crosby back!

Karen Leighton

Feb. 4, 2017

I have used a similar product on my horse the results where unbelievable, so when I had the chance to test the Canine Omega Complete I was excited.

Now let me tell you about our girl Jude, a high energy German Shepherd rescue we got when she was 7 months. Nothing would stop her; running, disobeying, harassing our little dog. No shoe was safe and she suffered from separation anxiety. To say she was a handful was a understatement. We where hopeful that as she got older she would calm done. I started her on Canine Omega Complete when she was a year old, and yes she still was a handful just a lot bigger, she would listen to my husband but totally tuned me out.Within the first week I noticed that she was becoming more affectionate towards me, her eating became much better and she was finally seemed a little calmer, by the 2nd week she didn’t hide in her crate anymore when we went out, by the end of the month she had put on some much needed weight, and seemed more at peace and lord we where happy campers.
When I ran out of my free sample, I really didn’t too much about it, until within 2 weeks she was reverting back to her past behaviors, I kept thinking what on earth is going on with her. Then I remembered I got in touch with Robin Williamson and beg her for another free sample, which she got me right away, she has been back on canine omega for 3 weeks now, and everything is back to normal. I cannot tell you how much Canine Omega Complete helped us, with her hyperness, to her weight, to her ability just to stop and listen, not to mention her very shiny coat has added bonus.

Thank you canine omega and Robin Williamson for all your help.


Maya Markowski

January 9, 2017



Tyson, my 7 year old Australian Shepard is very active at the barn and sometimes he forgets he’s not 2 anymore and over does it running with his beloved Gator. I noticed awhile ago that Tyson was then stiff the next morning.  I have had him on the Canine version of EOC for almost 2 months now and I have noticed that he is not as stiff in the mornings. Tyson’s coat is also shinny and healthy and this winter I have noticed that his skin is not dry. I love this product for my horses, so I am thrilled that there is now Canine Omega Complete and am very happy with the results I see in my dog.



Brooke Finlayson

January 2, 2017


I don’t normally provide a testimonial for a product but I felt I needed to give “kudos” to Canine Omega Complete. My young German Shepherd pup was showing signs of lameness in his legs, which is common to this breed. After doing a bit of research on some proactive strategies to help prevent further injury we did a trial with Canine Omega Complete. We felt this was the right avenue since we were looking for a premium supplement that could help with our pup that doesn’t have the best appetite. 2 months later our Jaxson has visibly improved by the way he walks and runs to his beautiful thick shiny coat. He also loves to eat his food with Canine Omega in it! I would highly recommend this product, do your research and you will find this supplement originated for horses and has rave reviews with the equine community. Thank you Canine Omega Complete for filling in the need to help our beloved “fur babies”!





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