Equine Mega Sweat

With the recent hot and humid weather we have been experiencing in Southern Ontario many raiders have elected to switch up their riding times to early morning and late evening to avoid the excessive heat and sweating by both horse and rider. However if your horse suffers from anhidrosis, sweat may be difficult to experience even on the most hot and humid days.

Defined as a decreased ability to sweat in response to increased body temperature Anhidrosis is a condition where horses are unable to sweat even in very hot and humid weather. This condition is important and is understood particularly in performance horses because thermoregulation is mainly accomplished by sweating. 

Anhidrosis can often be diagnosed based on appropriate clinical signs and examination by your veterinarian and most horses often present with increased respirations and failure to cool after a ride when horses will show minimal or no sweat production.   In extreme cases of the condition, horses develop dry flaky skin, hair loss, fatigue, anorexia and decreased water consumption. 

Anhidrosis is a very serious syndrome affecting a substantial amount of horses. Take the necessary step forward in your horse's health with Mega Sweat, a supplement formula Equine Mega Sweat is a specifically formulated version of Equine Omega Complete that may aid in the treatment of anhidrosis, a disorder that prevents sweating in horses. A large majority of horses suffering from anhidrosis will begin to sweat 24-48 hours after being placed on Equine Mega Sweat.