Canine Nutrition

Some very simple signs that your dog is having digestive issues are vomiting, diarrhea or avoiding play. Both infectious or noninfectious digestive diseases can be a sign your dog is not receiving the proper nutrition and it may be time to discuss supplementation with your veterinarian to ensure they are receiving enough vitamins and minerals for optimal health.Two very common reasons to use a dietary supplement for your dog is one: the dog’s digestive tract is not absorbing enough nutrients and requires a supplement to provide vitamins and
minerals or two: the dog’s diet is not providing the proper nutrients in the first place. Both reasons require you to speak with your veterinarian to identify and select the proper treatment and path forward.

If your dog is experiencing vomiting or diarrhea it is likely they are not absorbing valuable nutrients from their food before throwing them up and it is important to identify the issue. Some key signs and symptoms that will indicate your dog is not receiving the proper nutrients is change in stools, depression, skin and coat issues and fatigue. Change in Stools- when evaluating healthy stool you should look at colour, consistency, content and coating. If you experience anything that is discolored, mucus covered, a liquid or running consistency or contains foreign objects your dog may have nutritional deficiencies. Depression-just like human’s a dog’s biome signals the type of bowel movement and the mood they will be in. Having an unhealthy gut biome can trigger mood and behavior issues resulting in malnutrition. Skin or coat issues- to maintain a healthy coat, dogs require a variety of vitamins and minerals

and without the presence of these they become vulnerable to hair loss, skin disease and infections. Fatigue- lack of energy is a tell tale sign of malnutrition. Dog’s require carbohydrates to fuel energy and have the stamina to play and participate in exercise. Once you determine if your dog is experiencing dietary issues and requires additional supplementation look at supplements that will provide overall optimal health.