Allergies and Omega-3

Springtime at the barn is a welcomed season as it brings fresh air, warmer temperatures and longer days for riding and spending time with your horse. However, for some horse owners Springtime brings allergy and airway issues to horses from hives, to coughs and coat loss.

Why does this Happen?

Allergies are typically most prevalent in the Spring and Fall seasons in horses and are largely due to an inflammatory response to cells and the immune system. 

When an allergic reaction takes place the horse’s immune system receives a threat and goes into overdrive and responses at the highest level. Rather than eliminating the microorganisms, the reaction deteriorates the horse's own body tissues resulting in inflammation. Furthermore, the horse becomes hypersensitive to the allergen and strengthens its defense in order to be stronger for the next time they are exposed to it. Research has shown that allergic reactions produce several chemical releases in the body which produce inflammation and the skin is a very obvious place for this to be seen.

 As a horse owner, if we tackle the inflammation at the cell level to support and create better tissue for oxygenation, this will assist with better quality cell membranes in our horses body. By building stronger cells in the horse's body it decreases and/or eliminates the inflammation that leads to allergic reactions and airway and skin issues they experience. This is where omega 3 and 6 fatty acid supplementation can support and even eliminate skin and airway health issues and support the development of stronger cells and cellular health.

How Can Omega 3 Help?

Fatty acids in horses make up a significant part of the cell membrane (each cell is surrounded with fat), which carry out many vital cellular functions in a horse's body. Cell health can be directly determined through shine, luster, dryness and the integrity of a horses’ derma and if inflammation exists this will be visible.  This is the reason research has shown that many skin conditions and airway alignments involve inflammation in a horses system and that when the inflammation is decreased common allergy and airway issues such as sweet itch, hair loss, hives, dry skin and coughs or wheezing are eliminated.

In the same token research has also shown that providing a supplement to your horse that contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids EPA and DHA, provides the proper anti-inflammatory response, thus providing positive impacts to their health. If your horse is plagued with common allergies or airway issues, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are essential and will reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin and airway health because omega 3 and 6 fatty acids support horse health at the cellular level and the inflammatory response experienced from allergies and airway health issues.


Prevention and Management

Providing a supplement that contains DHA and EPA in peak allergy seasons or continually all year is the first step in providing horses with optional allergen support. Building a strong immune and inflammation response in the horse's system will eliminate the overdrive response we see through hives, hair loss, cough and wheezing. 

Omega 3 and 6 supplementation can take a horse's health from struggling to superior support through supplementation of these tremendous fatty acids.