Equine Omega Complete for the Senior Horse

Aging is a normal part of life and when horses reach their early teens they are considered seniors. At this age, horse owners tend to look at additional or alternative ways to maintain their optimal health, assist with alignments that may arise and promote their overall health and wellness. Like humans, a horse’s body changes as they age and they become more susceptible to alignments and injuries and this is usually the time horse owners look to healthcare products to provide overall health benefits without costing a fortune.

Common health issues we see develop in older horses are joint problems, respiratory difficulties, gut issues and muscle loss or fatigue. Equine Omega Complete was developed to provide benefits targeting each of these health areas in an all-in-one formula supplement.

Engineered to support healthy cell function, cleanse the cell membrane and provide the healthiest fat possible, so nutrients and waste can enter in and out of the cells easily. This helps the cells of the horse function at an optimum level to support healthy joints, better gut health, respiratory support and muscle health.

Joint Health

Just like humans, as horses age their joints and bones weaken resulting in common problems such as arthritis, inflammation, lactic acid build up, stiffness and degenerative joint disease. Pain, inflammation and lameness usually accompanies joint issues in horses, which requires vet care, rest, and absence from work as you travel the road to rehabilitation. Supporting joints and ligaments to promote healthy joints eliminates the possibility of these issues. It also promotes proper function to the ligaments and bone support, while the Omega 3 fatty acids support lower levels of inflammation and contribute to a healthier overall system in older horses.

Respiratory Health

Research shows that older horses are at a higher risk of developing respiratory difficulties and conditions, and the risk is even greater if they are/were a performance horse.  While consistent turnout is a significant contributor to improving respiratory issues not all horses can spend most of their time outside and require a supplement to support their respiratory health.  Developed with Omega 3 fatty acids, EOC supports lung function in horses that suffer from exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage, it strengthens the cardio and respiratory system  and promotes healthy breathing, prevents further damage and minimizes the work the respiratory system takes on.  Additionally, the inclusion of Vitamin E lessens the effects of respiratory conditions such as heaves and allergies which can take a toll on any horse.

Gut Health

A horse’s GI tract plays an important role in their health and it is evident that as horses age their digestive system tends to be less efficient at processing and absorbing nutrients for the body. In particular their foregut and their hindgut,( though very different) can have issues arise resulting in colic or ulcers which could pose long term problems or be fatal. By stimulating digestion and including a healthy amount of  Omega 3 fatty acids in your horse's diet this will decrease the chances of gut alignments and allow the body to process and absorb nutrients more effectively and efficiently. 

Muscle Health

Muscle in horses is important regardless of their activity level, and proper muscle nourishment in older horses ensures better development, recovery and maintenance of muscle mass. This nourishment contributes to strong blood flow carrying oxygen to the muscles for better conditioning and stamina, as well as blocking lactic acid accumulation in the muscles, preventing fatigued and even sore muscles. Muscle health also encompasses hoof muscle in horses because with no hoof you have no horse. Regulating insulin levels in horses assists with the prevention of hoof disease such as laminitis, a common disease in horses.

Building your senior horse’s health and wellness routine starts with Equine Omega Complete, by providing several benefits to joint, respiratory, gut and muscle health for the aging horse in one complete supplement.