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Vitamin E and its Benefits

Vitamin E is a critically important nutrient for all horses because the vitamin is not synthesized by the horse’s body and therefore, it is an essential dietary nutrient to include in their diet to provide the proper health benefits in horses. Understood to be  the primary lipid-soluble antioxidant that maintains cell membrane integrity and enhances humoral- and cell-mediated immunity, Vitamin E benefits growing foals, pregnant mares, stallions, and equine athletes in a variety of ways. Muscular, respiratory, reproductive and immune are just a few areas in the horse's body in which the vitamin provides recovery, support or repair.  Vitamin E has different structures, and the natural form is transported quickly and retained in tissues of the body promoting health benefits...

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Equine Omega Complete for the Senior Horse

Common health issues we see develop in older horses are joint problems, respiratory difficulties, gut issues and muscle loss or fatigue. Equine Omega Complete was developed to provide benefits targeting each of these health areas in an all-in-one formula supplement.

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